How To Prepare Kava

There is only one way we're used to preparing kava and that is the traditional way. However, if you're short for time we've also got an alternative method. Please drink with caution as it may cause drowsiness and numbness in the mouth. If you are first time kava drinker we encourage you to do your research and drink with caution. Please note that the instructions we have included below are merely guidelines and differ for each individual taste and tolerance.

Few things you will need:

  • High quality kava root powder
  • Strainer Bag
  • Measuring cup
  • Scale
  • Bowl
  • Cup

Traditional Method

Step 1: Put the desired amount of kava into the strainer bag. We recommend 1:10 ratio of kava to water. So for every 1gram of kava add 10ml of water. The amounts will vary on the batch amount you're making and how potent you want the kava to be.

Step 2: Once the water has been measured pour that into the kava in the strainer bag and tie it up. Let it steep in the water for a minimum of 10 minutes. This step is very important! This is when the kavalactones are extracted and become activated. Every few minutes lift the strainer bag and knead the bag in the water. The water should appear darker in colour and more murky. 

Step 3: As the water appears darker in colour, lift the bag and squeeze as much of the kava from the bag before putting aside. Stir your kava once more and then serve :)


Alternative Method

Step 1: Add 1-3 tablespoons of kava to 250ml or more of water in a blender

Step 2: Blend on high for at least 3-5 minutes

Step 3: Empty and strain mix through a cloth strainer. Then serve and enjoy!

Please note: that there will still be a possibility of kava root in the finished kava mix which is nothing to be concerned with. If you prefer a smoother drink, strain mix a second time.